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My name is Ashlee and I’m a Boulder-based photographer specializing in family portraiture. As a working momma of two, I have experienced how long the days can be, yet how quickly the years pass by. 

As your photographer, I strive to showcase the underlying essence of your family. I want to harness the spirit and the energy of your connections. My photographs will tell the authentic story of your suppressed giggles, escaped curls, and knowing glances. 

So come as you are. Wear what defines you. Bring what comforts you. Allow yourself to stand together with the ones you love the most, and, for a brief moment, be completely present. Let go of all expectations for perfection. Feel the smallness of your child’s hand, the warmth of your partner’s proximity. 

All you have to be is honest. Put your arms around one another and bear witness to this moment in time. And I guarantee you will come away with more than beautiful photographs. 

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